Marine Mystery in Mexico – A Story You Need To See

"Marine Mystery in Mexico"If you’re thinking of going on vacation, or love someone headed on a trip, you NEED to read this.  It was supposed to be a dream Cancun vacation for a young couple in love, and instead it turned into a nightmare, with a young Iraq war veteran dead, and a grieving girlfriend looking for answers. The family of Sgt. Joe Bitet say they don’t believe how police say Joe died, and they want the truth.

29-year-old Allyson Parla of New Hyde Park, Long Island says she and her boyfriend Joe were always together, “I don’t know from the moment I met him, we were kind of like inseparable after that.”

So, it wasn’t surprising when Bitet surprised Allyson with tickets to a January trip to Cancun. She’d just gotten back from a tour in Iraq. He was going to set off soon for Kuwait. They had a blast, staying at Riu Palace. Four days in, after a long day in the sun, Joe wanted to continue hanging out with some new-found friends. Allyson was tired and went back upstairs to their room. The two texted and spoke throughout the night. At one point, she texted him that she missed him. She says, “He sent me a text back right away saying I’ll be back soon and that was the last I heard from him.”

Minutes later, Allyson got a call from the lobby. They said Joe had been in an accident. It seemed like a whirlwind, she was told to get her credit card, was whisked to a hospital, and no one would let her see Joe.

Then she says,

“The doctor called me in eventually after waiting a little bit over an hour in the waiting room and said I have bad news, he died……”

Mexican police told Allyson Joe left the bar by himself, and later fell from a 5th floor ledge. But she says, the hotel’s story was different, “They showed us the surveillance video and he’s clearly with somebody on the video, so we knew that the police were lying.” She says then the hotel stopped helping. They wouldn’t let her talk to the vacationers who found Joe lying on the first floor. Joe’s mom, Annette Bitet, is absolutely distraught, and she says it doesn’t make sense, “He could take care of himself, he was a Marine for 8 years and he was now an army reservist, I don’t know, I can’t stop imagining all different things of what could’ve have happened. and I want some answers.

The family’s reached out to local lawmakers. So far, New York Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Schumer and Congressmen Peter King and Steve Israel are promising to help. Annette Bitet says she can’t get over the grief, “I never got to see him as a father, I never got to dance at his wedding, and I want to know what happened.”

Watch the PIX 11 story here.


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