5th NYC School Worker Arrested For Sex Charges in 3 Weeks!

Once again, the trust parents placed in NYC schools has been shattered, as police arrested the 5th school worker in 3 weeks to allegedly sexually abuse children. Cops arrested 30-year-old school aide Brett Picou of Queens last Thursday for allegedly grabbing, groping and slapping the buttocks of several 9 and 10 year old girls at a Queens elementary school. Jamile Hairston, 20, of Jamaica, told PIX11 his little sister complained about Picou last year, “He’s lucky the cops got him before I got to him.”

The Queens County District Attorney says Picou groped 6 different young girls’ buttocks, sometimes hugging them, then trailing his hands towards their rear, another time squeezing a young girl’s buttocks while she bent over to tie her shoe. The DA says it all happened between last November and this month at PS 52 in Springfield Gardens.

If this sounds familiar, it is; 4 teachers have been charged with sex abuse and/or child endangerment just this month alone, some with histories of sex abuse buried in their past. This prompted Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott to order a review of all cases of misconduct going back more than a decade. The Department of Education says Picou has been working in the schools, first as a substitute aide, since 2006, with a clear record all that time. They say they performed the proper criminal background check.

Hairston says his mother is distraught and she’ll be calling police. Picou faces 7 counts of forcible touching, and 7 counts of 1st-degree sex abuse, among other charges.

Here’s my report from Friday morning:

5th NYC School Worker Arrested For Sex Abuse In Three Weeks


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