$16.80 Could Buy You A Swanky Suite at the Waldorf-Astoria

To say Izzy and Joan Schwartz are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in style, may be a smidgeon of an understatement. The Connecticut couple are high-rolling-it this weekend at the Waldorf-Astoria. They’d wanted to spend the night in little old room 933 where they’d honeymooned in 1952. Instead, the hotel gave them the 2,000-square foot MacArthur Suite, complete with dining room, kitchen, sitting room, and countless other amenities. The suite usually costs between $7,000 to $8,000 but for the Schwartz’s, it was less than the cost of a rush hour cab ride downtown.

Joan says, “They’re not giving it to us for free, we have to pay $16.80, included in that is a 30-cent telephone call that we had to make.”

See, Joan is a bit of a collector, and hung onto the original receipt from her honeymoon. She says that 30-cent phone call all those years ago was to her mom. So, for today’s several thousand dollar swanky suite, the Schwartz’s are paying a poodle-skirt-era pricetag.

Joan loves it, “This is a sweet suite, you can spell it s-w-e-e-t.” Izzy chimed in, “If I had known this, I would have invited guests, we would have had dinner here tonight!”

The two say they certainly aren’t experts in making marriage work. Izzy credits respect for helping them make it work. And Joan says having their own interests helps them keep the conversation interesting, “We have a lot of inspiration between our two dialogues and that helps.”

The two have kept busy – 2 kids, 4 grandchildren – and have kept working. It seems Joan’s love of hanging on to old memories is helping the couple make some new ones. They excitedly told me about the last “celebrity couple” to spend the night in the MacArthur Suite – “Brangelina.”

Watch my interview here!


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