#NYC’s #Worst #Landlord Says Sister is “Crazy”; She Says Situation is “Heartbreaking”

I’ve covered the fight between Amy Neustein and her brother Josh Neustein for a couple of months now.  She’s the whistleblower on the city’s worst landlord, and he’s, well, the city’s worst landlord. Yes, that’s right, they are brother and sister.

Amy called me to share that the Department of Investigations (DOI) is officially reporting Josh and his company, 1071 Home Corp, to a bunch of city agencies includng the NYPD, the IRS, and HPD (Housing and Preservation Development. See, Josh’s company owns  a bunch of buildings that have racked up the most violations of any management company in the city. Hundreds of people live in his buildings in the Bronx where elevators often don’t work, there’s leaks, water damage, broken windows, and broken front door locks. I know, I’ve seen it myself.

But, you don’t often see a sister turning a brother in. These two have been estranged for a while now. And there’s no love lost between them, especially on his side.

So, why now the allegations of tax fraud and drug dealing? (Yes, drug dealing!) Because Amy reported to the DOI that scores of people work in Josh’s office in Riverdale and he’s paying them off the books. The drug dealing allegation is because she says Josh refuses to fix front door locks on buildings where drug deals regularly go down in the lobbies.

So, what does Josh have to say about all this? And why would Amy go to such trouble to report her own flesh and blood?

I’ll let you know in my next blog post – so subscribe to my blog! (I have a meeting I have to go to now, sorry!)


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