“She’s Nuts!” says #NYC’s #Worst #Landlord

How does it feel to do everything in your power to send your own brother to jail? Amy Neustein of Riverdale says, “It’s emotionally painful, it’s extremely painful. Heart wrenching.”

Amy’s brother is Josh Neustein, rated the worst landlord in NYC by the city’s Public Advocate. He got that title by having more violations in his many buildings than any other management company in the city. We’re talking about busted elevators, broken front door locks, leaks, mold, windows that don’t shut or open, and a whole host of other issues. That’s a fact. His company is 1071 Home Corp, you can look it up.

What is also a fact is that Amy wrote to the Department of Investigations (DOI) alleging Josh is evading taxes and aiding drug dealers by not fixing the doors to buildings that are known drug dealing stops.

Amy has no sympathy for her sibling, “I hope it produces an arrest, and for the buildings to be taken from him. “

She shared proof with me that the DOI has referred her complaints to the NYPD, the IRS and a few other state and federal agencies.

To be fair, Amy says this isn’t easy for her to do, but she says she knows Josh has dozens of people working for him in his office that he’s not paying taxes for. And it makes her sick to think of all the children who lives in those buildings suffering.

I called 1071 Home Corp, and after a little persuading, I managed to get Josh Neustein on the phone. For 15 minutes, he blasted his sister. “She’s nuts! I took care of her after her divorce, and paid for her, and this is how she repays me.” Then, he started talking about how she has nothing better to do, and brought up some intimate family business which I won’t write about here.

The two Neusteins have also had fights in court over their parent’s property. Amy was wiling to talk on camera, but Josh declined, after repeated requests, saying, “this is not a story.” Actually, Josh, it is, on this blog and on DNA Info.


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