East Hampton Parking Tickets Aren’t Fair – What a Racket!

Warning: This is a rant. Parking tickets. Facts of life, right? I love to fight them, and I’m usually pretty successful. Not so in East Hampton. There’s a parking lot right in the heart of town, called the Reutersham Lot. It’s popular. You have to take a ticket from a machine and proudly display it on your dashboard in order to park there for 2 hours. This time, we ventured into the lot and placed not only the ticket on the dash, but also a paper warning from local police because our car’s inspection had expired. The very nice officer who stopped us wrote us a warning and told us if we park anywhere to display it so they don’t write us a ticket. Good guy.

You know how sometimes it’s windy? You know where this is going, right? Darn warning blew off onto the seat, and so, boom, we come back, and there’s a ticket. You know I’m going to fight this.

I send a letter within the specified timeframe, with not only a copy of the warning, but also with a copy of the new inspection sticker, because we took care of that right away.

I get back a letter requesting we appear in court on a Monday. In East Hampton. So, now, I’ve got to take off work, drive 4 hours total to fight a $50 ticket. In NYC, they do it through the mail. I call. And call. And call. And finally, after 20 attempts, and 4 phone messages for Nicole Shipman, Court Clerk, I get a phone call back. She tells me they don’t dispute tickets over the phone and we have to appear. Work schedule? Too bad. Wind blew our documentation the seat? Tell it to the judge.

I sent them a money order today, only because I have to get this taken care of. But, it burns me that that stinkin’ town is getting $50 of my hard-earned money.


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