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Debra Alfarone

It’s not easy. And even that’s an understatement. Where on earth are you supposed to be able to DO the job BEFORE you get the job. In other words, with NO experience, you’re supposed to perform as if you HAVE experience. Make any sense?

I’ll tell you how I got my first “real” reporting job. I had done some work at NY1 as a cameraperson, meaning I would run around the 5 boroughs of NYC in a car with 50-plus pounds of camera equipment shooting VOSOTs and getting locator video. All for the fair wage of $10.50 an hour. In my spare time, I would beg co-workers to help me shoot standups, and I’d write news stories and edit them as if they were for on-air. (I had a lot of spare time). I’d show my reel of stories to reporters and to producers for feedback, and after a year…

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