Reporter 101: Keep Trying (The Saga of Calvin Continues)


If you read this blog, you know of Calvin. He’s apparently one lonely guy. I called and asked his co-worker Jessie what it was about Calvin that would inspire someone to post fliers like this on lampposts around NYC.  Jessie was as baffled as I. So, I called back. I’m a pretty persistent person, and I tell all my up-and-coming reporter students you can’t take no for an answer, whether it be for a story, or for a job. You have to use the power of persuasion. And, often you get more flies with honey than you do by being a rude jerk. (adapted from the orginal quote, I know.)  

This reminds me of another story I did about a flier on PIX 11 News. Flier Fight Over Casanova on the Q69 Bus



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