Reporter 101: Be Resourceful, and Just Do It! (Calvin, One Lonely Guy Speaks!)

You don’t need a fancy camera, you don’t need special editing equipment. Just GO! A good story is a good story. And a good storyteller is a good storyteller.

Wait, before you purists get mad, let me say this – sure, if it’s a visual story, like one about a sports team getting ready, against all odds, to fight to the finish for the trophy, you’re going to need your best photographer, and you’re going to want to log all your natural sound, and take your time selecting the perfect verb. Believe me, I’ve done my fair share of amazing stories that I’m still thanking the photographer for nabbing that perfect shot.  BUT, I didn’t have that choice here. All I had was my iPad – which if you know me, you know I treasure – and my highly outdated iPhone 3. Sometimes, you have to think outside the box, and find new ways to tell a story. Here, the story IS the conversation. Btw, Calvin is 45, likes sweet potato pie, and shooting pool. And although he’s single, he doesn’t admit to being lonely. Learn more about the ups and downs of Calvin’s life around 4:20.

So, I bet you’re wondering what Calvin looks like? Here he is. 


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