Reporter 101 – Why Do I Need LinkedIn? Two Reasons…

I like Facebook the least, as a means of getting my news stories out there – too many silly comments.  Twitter is hugely useful, especially when following breaking news. But, when it comes to looking for sources AND looking for jobs, LinkedIn wins, hands down.

I have gotten 2 job interviews through LinkedIn. Let me elaborate, while sitting on my couch at home, eating Cheerios, I have gotten 2 job interviews through LinkedIn. TWO.

And it happened not because of me, but of how I positioned me. I listened to people far smarter than me, including career coach extraordinaire Kathy Caprino, on how to create a kick-ass profile, complete with headline and keywords. I put up an appropriate picture. And voila. Easiest interviews I ever nabbed in this business. Ask any news reporter, it’s tough to get a job, and while neither has turned into a job just yet, these are two opportunities to get my work in front of decision makers that I would not have had if it wasn’t for LinkedIn.

You need a headline. Mine is: “TV Reporter/Anchor. Fact Digger. Social Media-Savvy News Breaker. Award Winner. Wall Street & Business News Expert.”  It’s the best positioning of me I can think of. (I left off my love for Cheerios) And my picture is the one you see on this site.  I use keywords in my Summary. I spent some time looking for appropriate connections, and didn’t  send the standard “I’d like to add you to……” blah-blah that they already have pre-filled in the email.

Ok, so now you now reason number one why you must not only get on LinkedIn immediately, but use it wisely. And here’s number two.

When you’re doing a story, oftentimes you know exactly who you need to talk to, but if you’re booking for a morning show, or doing a story where you need, let’s say, a child psychiatrist, a private investigator, a financial analyst, LinkedIn makes it simple. Try it.

It’s easy. Every career coach I know says it’s your NEW resume. (along with your google results – more on that next time) And it’s working.

For more of Kathy Caprino’s smarts, read here.


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