Reporter 101: The Business of the TV Business. Business News?

I am working at AOL this week. They launched a new video series under Daily Finance called the Market Minute. It’s a minute long video, giving you a preview of all the day’s business and market news right smack from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. I love this 60 second gulp of news. I want to marry it. Sign up for the updates, act smart around your friends, re-tweet and pass it on:

Watch today’s update now!

I used to work on Wall Street. That was right before 9/11. I always enjoyed it, but I always enjoyed telling stories more.  This week I get to do both. It’s nostalgic for me, because I always loved the NYSE floor. It’s so busy, chaotic, energetic, and so New York. I left Wall Street to pursue this career, and I’m happy I did, although…….. I didn’t really map out my path. Which is where the business of the business comes in.

Yes, murders are interesting, yes, big weather events will always be exciting, but don’t get so lost in the every day reporting, that you don’t think about where you are going next in your career.  It’s not easy to transition to Network if you are toiling in 100-level markets. And it’s not easy to get into business news without some business background. You may not like to hear this but, time is not on your side. You have to walk confidently in the direction of your dreams and not be afraid or doubt yourself  – fear is a killer. You’ll be dead in your tracks before you can say “That’s right, Bob, we are standing here….” See, no one tells you this. Unless you have a really good agent.

All this to say I love business news. But, it’s not my last act. Stay tuned…….(sorry for the ambiguous ending, really)


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  1. I love PIX11! I am honored you like my blog, thank you!
    (Halloween wouldn’t be the same without you guys reporting xo)

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