Reporter 101: I am not proud of this but I’m sharing anyway

Sometimes, I don’t like my story. (Ssssh, I’m trusting you to not tell my bosses.) But, if you’re reading this and you work in the business, you know darn well you don’t like every story you’re assigned. If you did, you’d be a robot.

I’ll even go so far as to say I hate being what I call, “the dancing monkey.” That’s Debra-speak for a liveshot or story that’s where I have to play Vanna White and make a news story out of  next-to-nothing, or promote a local event.  Yesterday, was just such a day. I’ll preface this by saying my boyfriend bet me that by the end of the day I would admit I had fun, and maybe even, dare I say it, liked the story.

Stay with me.

There’s a huge 15,000 indoor ice sculpture exhibit appropriately called ICE! that’s in National Harbor. My job was to do a package, and couple of live shots and teases from there for our 5 & 6pm shows. Here’s the kicker. Wait for it: It is 9 degrees inside the tent. 9. No, that’s not a typo. If you know me, you know I’m NOT a cold weather girl. This would require leggings, jeans, tank top, sweater, fleece, down jacket, hat, Ugg boots, gloves and hand warmers. and then on top of that, the exhibit gives you a huge blue coat to put over all that cuteness. Mmmhmm.

Was there something newsworthy about this? It was a fun place for people to go to. People seemed to really enjoy it. It’s really cool-looking. But, a news “hook”? No. Not as far as I saw. Remember, I worked in the news capital of the world before this, New York City, and consisted on a steady diet of high-profile stories: the DSK rape scandal, the building of the new World Trade, the Long Island serial killer, the story of a Marine whose alleged murder was never solved, even Charlie Sheen wrecking a room at the Plaza seemed more like a story to me – and yes, I covered that.

I always approach every story to do the best job possible, even if it’s not my favorite story. And I love love love the crew I work with. The people at ICE! were so nice. And so were the people I interviewed. And even though it was 9 degrees inside, I didn’t have to spend that much time inside for each live shot, so I would go outside to warm up, and regain the feeling in my fingers.

So, what do you do when life gives you lemons? You make a rap song, rapped to the beat of the incomparable Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

By the way, the boyfriend won the bet. It was super-fun. The people who run it are top-notch, so professional and warm. It is literally a visual explosion of color and ice, and amazing to marvel at the fact that it takes a month to carve these intricate blocks of ice. And I did like it, as much as it kills this hardened journalist to say that.

Here’s the story.


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