Meet the woman behind Olivia Pope on Scandal


Judy Smith is the crisis guru behind the TV show 'Scandal'
Judy Smith is the PR guru behind TVs ‘Scandal’

Do you watch ‘Scandal?’ If you live in DC, you are quite aware of it’s cult-like following. The beautiful Olivia Pope’s character is based on crisis PR guru Judy Smith. Yes, there’s a real person behind the amazing character we all watch Kerry Washington masterfully inhabit each week. I was lucky enough to grab 90 seconds with the amazing Smith at a luncheon in the District. I almost didn’t get this interview, but I asked nicely, was patient, and visualized it and then….the gods smiled upon me. Enjoy!

 “I think that everybody can benefit from very diverse opinions  and I think that’s important in dealing with a crisis.”

Here is a link to the story:

And here’s a little taste of Judy Smith’s advice:

Debra: “What kind of inspirational words can you give to the average girl who’s sitting at home in DC watching this show?”

Judy: “I think it’s really important to be who you are and to be yourself. What people see on the screen – which I hope they see – is someone who I think is strong, who is confident, who is passionate and is very sure about what she does. And I think all those qualities are important.”

Smith wrote a book that can help the average person smooth over any bad situation. Judy founded Smith & Co, a top crisis communications firm with offices in D.C. and Los Angeles. She’s helped shape opinion for dozens of high profile clients during her career – most notably, Monica Lewinsky, actor Wesley Snipes, and NFL quarterback Michael Vick. She picks her battles, and recently said she would never take on embattled former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling because what he did was “indefensible.” She also  said, “there are some things you can’t fix”  – wise words from a successful thought leader that we can all benefit from hearing!

Judy Smith: “Good Self, Bad Self”

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