How your ‘little thing’ can be a ‘day-changing thing’ to someone else

ManuelMy friend Alyssa posted a story on Facebook that show the power of a little gesture. A man named Manuel who lives in France and has Down Syndrome was turning 30 in a few weeks. His dad Lucien asked his friends on Facebook to send his son a birthday postcard and then to share the request with their friends as well, because Lucien knew Manuel loves getting postcards and it would make his birthday special.

Lucien has 22 friends on FB.

Manuel received 30,000 cards by his birthday. Yes, you read that correctly. The local post office had to assign Manuel two postmen.

The story is here: Birthday Postcards

The littlest thing can make the biggest difference. I read that this morning, and later that day I made to sure to help one woman with her groceries, and compliment another woman – both in the middle of my busy workday. It’s not a lot, but I promise to do more tomorrow. Happy birthday Manuel!






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