#90Seconds of the stories I just can’t forget

12038321_10207632259823725_3917685262207385472_n I feel so blessed to have interviewed so many inspiring people in 2015. As I look back at the year, I wanted to share some of the people whose stories stayed with me.

Stacy Jewell Lewis debuted her play chronicling her journey from being sex trafficked off a DC street when she was 19 to her fight to escape the life and thrive. And she debuted it at the Kennedy Center. Impressive. Not only did she escape and claw her way back from unthinkable hell to reunite with her son, she also built an impressive career, and channeled her creativity into spoken word skills to tell her story. Stacy gives back by sharing her story to help other victims know they are not alone.

Watch my WUSA9 story on Stacy here

Stacy’s play was just voted one of DC Metro’s Theater Arts best plays this year. She embodies the word “survivor” to me. Congratulations, Stacy!


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  1. A. says:

    Is it too much to ask that you address our president as President Obama instead of Mr.?

    1. dalfarone says:

      No, it is not. Thanks for watching.

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