Life changed in an instant for this Alexandria motorcycle cop…and I’ll never forget it


Peter Laboy and his wife Suzanne’s courage, tenacity and heart stay with me.  After the now-retired Alexandria Police motorcycle cop was shot in the head while trying to make a traffic stop in February 2013, he suffered severe injuries including traumatic brain injury. To this day, a bullet is still lodged in his head.

The once-active husband and dad was in the hospital for 2 months, and has been traveling down a long road of recovery ever since. Laboy can no longer ride his motorcycle and he can’t drive. I met him the day he retired in June, 2015. He opened up and shared his recollections of the day he was shot, and the man nicknamed “Superman” was very honest about how he’s coping with his lack of a work schedule and former purpose.

He is very loved, and his family is supportive, warm, and honest – they told me it’s been a tough fight, and still is. I wish them a happy and healthy 2016, as they continue to heal.

The WUSA9 story is here.


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