Attention teens/tweens: an opportunity to learn from a working journalist!

Hi all – I’m really excited to announce I’m going to be part of a new day camp in the DMV called All-Star Adventures Summer Camp! I’ll teaching journalism August 8-12 – and at the end, the students will stream their newscast LIVE on Facebook!

I’ve got some amazingly interesting co-instructors who will be teaching DJing, rocketry, art and design as well as good old math, english, etc.


All-Star Adventures is a week-long camp hosted by Edge Ed, featuring guest instructors who are “All-Stars” in their field:

  • Josh Silverman is a master teacher and owner of Edge Ed.  Each session Josh will integrate math, reading, and writing skills that add depth to the dynamic activities and keep young minds fresh over the long summer break. (Both Sessions)
  • Jack Meecher is a scientist with NASA Goddard Space Center.  He will lead a rocketry program where students will design, build, and launch their own rockets!  (Session 1)
  • Eric Jao is a professional DJ and musician who has toured with Madonna and now runs Mix Major, a music school for kids.  He has a program where students create a song digitally from the bottom up—recording samples, looping sounds, and layering music to produce their very own song, which will be played at our wrap-up party on Friday! (Session 2)
  • Justyne Fischer is an accomplished artist with works in galleries across the country and the head of the South County HS Art Department.  She has an amazing street-art project inspired by the work of Banksy. (Session 1)
  • Debra Alfarone is an anchor for WUSA9, the CBS affiliate of Washington, DC.  She will work with students both behind and in front of the camera, developing a story, conducting interviews in the field, presenting on-camera, and sharing their stories through social media and a live broadcast. (Session 2)

If you want to sign up your child,  just call the camp’s founder, Josh Silverman, at 703-750-0065. (Tell him Debra sent you!)


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