This Poem Sums Up What EVERYONE Needs to Know about Dating

RelationshipQuote For all of you struggling with relationships, whether you are in one or not, I present this poem. Wow. I forgot how powerful this is.

I found this today in one of my journals. It resonated so much – mostly from my time specializing in being in not-too-fulfilling relationships in the past. For the past year, I have been “planting my own garden” and “decorating my own soul” (and have found myself in the best relationship I’ve ever been in, to boot. Coincidence?) and I feel blessed every day. I hope this helps you as much as it’s helped me. Thank you to the author, Veronica Shoffstall. Rise and slay!


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  1. Dylan Mattina says:

    Needed this today. Breaking up with my girlfriend. Sucks.

    Thank You Deb.

    1. dalfarone says:

      Sorry for the delay. I am thinking that you are probably feeling much better about the situation after the few months. It hurts at the time, but it’s true what they say about time healing all wounds. Thanks for reading, Dylan.

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