This is the Worst Compliment. Please, don’t give it.

If you have a TV, there’s a good chance you know Dr. Robi Ludwig. On any given week, her Insta game could make you look like you’re standing still (me included). On Fox Business, CNN, HLN, Investigation Discovery, HuffPo, Nightline and too many other outlets to name, the New York psychotherapist digs in on a variety of topics as diverse as the rise of heroin, body shaming, the latest celebrity drama, and her favorite, murder (we’ll get to that).
fox business your best age is now
Dr. Robi also has a thriving psychotherapy practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. And she’s an author. Her latest book is called, “Your Best Age is Now.”
Robi says she was inspired to write the book after going on an interview for a TV opportunity and the hiring person asked her her age. She answered without hesitation, then later on wondered if her age, rather than her ability, had any bearing on whether she was hired or not.
nightline black and white
It got her to thinking about the thinking behind age. There’s just so much emphasis on age these days. Robi says, “In our country we like to categorize things, put things in a box so we can understand it. Age is the way we understand where people fit in the world. The problem is that some ages are maligned more than others.”
Is being young “good?” Is being old “bad?” And who gets to decide what’s young and what’s old? Did you ever think of the limiting beliefs YOU have about age? Perhaps your own?
Robi started doing research. and found the thinking to be outdated, “There were many myths about midlife that were part of our cultural dialogue that weren’t serving us well and weren’t accurate.”
Here’s the thing, all of the scientific advances are changing quicker than the thinking. And if you read this blog, you know I always say our thinking informs our being.
Have you ever said, ‘I’m too old for this or that?’ Robi says think again, “We do ourselves really a disservice if we write ourselves out of the game at a certain point or give ourselves an expiration date.”
Research shows if we “feel young, think of ourselves as young, and experience ourselves as young, we’re more hopeful, we’re more optimistic.” And the older we get, the more achievements we have, and the more confidence we have. Robi says as we get older, we are “better at picking out partners in life, friends in life, perhaps even new professions.”
Change your thinking, change your life. Robi’s findings go hand in hand with the main point behind my TEDx Talk on labels – select labels to rise up and embody, and don’t embrace limiting ones.
Robi shared with me one of her favorite quotes, “Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.”

Ain’t that the truth!

To hear the best advice Robi’s ever received – and hear why she loves murder so much (!) listen to the podcast.

To buy Robi’s book click here.


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