3 life lessons my rescue dog Murray teaches me every day, over and over again

img_7037For those of you who don’t know, my boyfriend Josh and I adopted a rescue pup named Murray 2 months ago. Murray has been the light of our lives. He’s well-behaved, sweet, inquisitive, fun-loving, loyal, and loves everyone he meets. In the 2 months I’ve lived with this 12-pound bundle of awesome, he’s taught me a lot – much more than I’ve taught him. Here’s what this 6-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix has taught me that years of therapy tried to.
  1. Keep it moving. Murray doesn’t whine or obsess. If he stops at a bunch of flowers he wants to pee on, and I say, “No! C’mon!” he doesn’t pull on his leash, or cry. He just keeps it moving, knowing a better, more appropriate place to pee will come along, most times right around the corner. How many times have we been fixated on a job or relationship that wasn’t suited for us? Yah, keep it moving. And, once you do move forward, don’t look back. Thanks, Murray. img_6945
  2. Love unconditionally. Murray wants to say hello to the woman walking to work with her headphones in, the security guard at the hotel around the corner, the homeless man, the coworker no one likes, the weird, awkward guy who lives in your building, and the random person from out of town who stops to say hello. He wants to say hi to each one equally. He doesn’t care if a person smells, he doesn’t care if someone is black, white, purple, orange, or green. He accepts everyone as they are, invites them to love him, and in return, receive one of his famous kisses. img_0303
  3. Do what brings you joy. How often do we get caught up in doing things we don’t want to do, because we feel badly or don’t want to say no. Yeah, Murray doesn’t play that. He does what he wants, and he does it with gusto. He plays with his toys, he sleeps, he investigates potential rats in the bushes. And he gives each his best effort. Because when you’re doing what brings you joy, it doesn’t feel like work, it’s fun. Murray has inspired me to say no to events that would be a pain to go to, and to say yes to things that bring me joy, like my Saturday dance class. I won’t accept another invitation during class time because I’d miss out on an hour of happiness. And isn’t that what life is all about, being joyful and happy and spreading that throughout the world? img_7080
Murray is like a self-help book with a fur cover. I’m starting a new program called “Tuesdays with Murray,” where I take him to visit people for 1 hour to spread his message of joy, acceptance and love. Sign up now!

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