Why I’m trying to LIKE the cold (even though I really f*@%ing hate it)

Today, it’s cold. Bone-chilling, wind-whipping, make-your-eyes-tear cold.

Can I share a secret with you? When it’s cold, I don’t want to get out of bed. I never know if my job will keep me inside or outside for a 8 hours. I knew that when I started being a reporter, but I still don’t like the cold.

When it’s cold, getting through the day is like walking through a pool of water. The water keeps dragging you back and slows you down. That’s kind of like what the cold is for me. It keeps me from jumping up and seizing the day.

You might be tempted to tell me to buck up, and many have, but that hasn’t help change how I feel about the cold.

To try and stay warm, I wear a lot of layers, and it’s not comfortable. There’s always one that’s not in the right place, it’s either slipping down, or bunching up. I subconciously keep my shoulders up around my ears for about 3 months. You can’t escape the cold. I mean, you can. But, vacations are temporary. Eventually you have to come back and face the pain.

Today, it dawned on me, the cold is like any perceived problem you have in your life. You can try and escape it. But, when you come back, it’s there. And it won’t go away. You have to deal with it.

So, starting today, I am no longer saying I don’t like the cold. I also vow to no longer make that sheeeeeeeesh noise that you make when you breathe in through your teeth when I hear a chilly weather forecast.

Why? Because words have power. And thoughts have intention. I’m basically waking up and deciding to have a miserable day. And let’s face it, the way I’m dealing with the cold isn’t working for me.

Pain is inevitable, but  suffering is optional. The more you fight something you can’t change, the more you lose. The more you resist something, the more it persists. This goes for just about any feeling.

Hey, this may not make me any warmer, but maybe I won’t mind the cold as much. Is there something you wish would change in your life, but it just isn’t changing? Try acceptance. It’s an option. I’m going to try it and I’ll let you know how I do. I can’t move to sunny, beautiful Encinitas, California just yet, I have a few things I still need to do around here.cold-shirt


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