13 Words to Make You a Kick-Ass Rock Star at Anything

I just heard a line from Gabby Bernstein’s “May Cause Miracles” and it had the power to change my day:

“My gratitude for myself fills me with joy and unleashes my miracle mind.”

Wow! Mind blown. Backstory: I’ve been reading this book for 11 days. It is a 40 day practice, for example, you read the morning reflection each morning – meditate or do a writing exercise, then wrap it up at night with an evening reflection. I find every once in a few months, I’m so far away from where I need to be spiritually (gotta get the laundry done, or cruise Facebook for an hour) that I need to get back in the practice. So, that’s how I found myself walking down 2nd Street NW with my rescue pup Murray, listening to the audiobook.

To be clear, I listened to this passage 3x before stopping to rewind. “My gratitude for myself fills me with joy and unleashes my miracle mind.” Today is all about gratitude.

Starting the day with a reminder to be grateful for the food you eat, the air you breathe, etc., is a pretty damn good way to start the day. Of course, you could start your day by going through the motions, running to catch the bus, getting sucked into your phone first thing, but if you don’t take a few minutes to set an intention for your day – guess what – you’re setting one anyway!

The intention ends up being whatever energy you happen to be around or pick up. Ever get to work and a coworker starts telling you a juicy, gossipy story about some coworker? Yeah, that. Don’t let that be the intention you carry around with you, because it can only go downhill from there. If you start with a positive intention, imagine where you can end up!

I know very few people do this. We think our feelings are a result of whatever is happening around us. Ugh, these pants are tight. Or, crap, it’s raining, what a miserable day. Or, I have 50 things to get done and everyone else gets to go to happy hour, no one understands what I have to go through. I hear you. I did it too.

I’m asking you to consider that your happiness has the ability to affect all those external things. And, if you start off with gratitude, it offers you this super-cool superhero, almost-impenetrable shield of awesomeness and good energy that can fight off things like gossip, negativity, and low-level energy.

Ok, back to the quote:

“My gratitude for myself fills me with joy and unleashes my miracle mind.”

I was blown away, because I can hardly imagine being grateful for myself. Really? I’m my own worst critic. Isn’t everybody? But, hey, I’m walking down the block, it’s sunny, and I have the opportunity to be grateful for that. I have a job to go to later (one that drives me crazy sometimes, ok, most times), and I am walking this most amazing dog who offers me the ability to see things as he sees them.

Murray wants to quietly walk up to every human being and give them some time. He’s not a jumper, or a tongue-hanging-out smiley dog. But, he is inquisitive, and wants to make eye contact – and to see people’s faces break out into a slow smile is truly a miracle.

90% of people can’t resist his slow, sweet, furry charm. Then I get to connect with another human, which makes this world a little bit more positive, and a little bit smaller. And Murray is a reflection of me. I found him! And my husband and I rescued him and gave him a home.

So, how can I not be grateful for me, if this sunny day, and this connection, and this ability to go for a walk is all part of me? And while I’m at it – and this is uncomfortable but – I’m also empathetic, sympathetic, a good friend, a great wife, a champion of the little guy, and generous to people who need my time.

So, I started to think about how grateful I am for me. And yep, I was filled with joy. And now, I’m sitting down to write, which is a miracle, because I haven’t done so in a month! And maybe, just maybe, you’ll read this and it will show you the power of gratitude, and maybe you’ll pass it on to someone else who needs it at that very moment. Because, gratitude. I sure do hope so.

Blogger’s note: I do not love the picture I posted, makeup is from last night, hair = pillow-head. But, I am posting it anyway, because, gratitude. #realtalk

Debra Alfarone is an award-winning, Emmy-nominated TV Anchor, whose live reports and hard-hitting stories can be seen on WUSA9, the CBS station in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Debra anchors the weekend evening newscasts, and on weekdays, tells the stories affecting people in the D.C. area. She covers everything from breaking news to crime to stories of people making a difference. Debra’s known for her conversational, creative, and street-smart storytelling style, and for embracing social media and technology.

Learn more about my story and why I blog through my TEDx Talk.


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