The one thing I did to FINALLY get to my dream market

I have a little end-of-year story for you. Every December, I set goals for next year. And every December, I review the goals I made the year before.

As you know, I always wanted to be a reporter in New York. I would network, I had agents, I went on interviews, I would email News Directors.

In December 2009, I assessed my goals. I had just received an email from one of my spiritual gurus, Patricia Moreno. She’s awesome. She built a business combining affirmations, positivity and aerobics. Her email asked simply, “what role did you play in NOT getting to your goals?” I never thought about that before. What role did I play? I sent emails, I worked on my craft, I edited and re-edited my reel. And then it dawned on me, I didn’t think I deserved it. I didn’t think I had earned my place in NY. I didn’t think I was good enough. THIS was a revelation. This is the role I played. How is anyone going to hire me if I essentially wouldn’t hire myself, inside my brain?

I made my new goal list. Working in NYC, once again, sat at the top. But, I changed my attitude and my behavior. I worked on believing I was just as worthy and as good as anyone else and I deserved to work in NYC. When a negative thought appeared, I was actually *alert* to it, and instead of going down the rabbit hole of negativity, I replaced it with a positive thought. And I made those calls and sent those emails with that new sense of worth infused in my mind.

I got to NYC that year.

You have worked hard this year. Haven’t you? You’ve invested yourself. And that’s on top of all the demands of your business. All of that hard work will help you get where you want to go. Add on top of that, the belief that you are worthy and that you deserve it – that’s an unstoppable combination. I know. I’m proof.  You know who else is? One of my wonderful mentees who jumped 100 markets as a TV reporter this year. And another extraordinary mentee who knocked it out of the park to jump 30 markets. Yes!

That belief in yourself can’t be faked, it has to be authentic or it just doesn’t work.

I say this to encourage you to embrace your worthiness and know that you deserve to reach your goals.

READY FOR 2019? 
I’m ready in 2019 to walk alongside you as you strive towards getting where you want to go. I’m here to be your spiritual running buddy. 
Share your successes with me. Even if they’re just little bits of win in your day. And I promise, I’ll share mine.
How do we do that?
Follow me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat under Debra Alfarone – I’d love to follow you back.
Keep shining! Happy holidays!

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