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5 Steps To Help Manifest a Positive Pandemic Life

Life 2.0. That’s what I’m calling this time in our new pandemic world. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been at home trying to figure out what your life is supposed to be like now.

It’s been challenging for me. Life-threatening news and people’s suffering always eats away at me, as an empath. This new world has definitely had its effects on me and my family, some practical, some emotional, and I strive to connect with gratitude for what we DO have.

Let me say this: If you’re dealing with some really heavy stuff, know I’m so sorry. I’ve learned in life that we need to feel our feels. We need to grieve, get mad, feel sad, resigned, and even numb sometimes. The only way out is through. Know that you’re not alone, even if you feel you are.

At the beginning of the year, I was pumped about how I was going to take 2020 by storm and it was going to be a wonderful year filled with growth and goals and awesomeness. Yeah. We’ve all been thrown a boulder (or a meteor?) in our path. I know I’m not the only one. And it can be tough to get back on track. I acknowledge that and I acknowledge you for striving to make it happen.

While I don’t have all the answers, I am a student of the universe. And since I’ve been forced to slow down, I’ve been diving into self-care. Because I’m not very good at that typically.

I watched an inspiring video from one of my fave spiritual gurus Gabby Bernstein and wanted to share her five step plan to help you attract the life you want. She filmed this waaaaaay before the pandemic. But, I do believe it found it me right on time. Thank you to Gabby for being the thought leader she is and for speaking life into me so I can share it with you.

Step 1: It’s okay to be out of alignment, just fix yourself FAST.

I’ve heard that time is a great equalizer – we all have the same amount. No one can buy more or sell it or earn it. And we all have the choice of how to use it. So, how do you want to use yours? Is it really serving you to sit in the middle of hurt, and pout and simmer in negativity? It doesn’t for me. And while I know it’s not easy to shift our attitude, I also know, pandemic or not, our attitudes are a choice. Gabby says it’s time to slow the negativity-momentum and change the thought.

When you find yourself in the middle of a negative thought avalanche (you know, when “why do I always stub my toe?” turns into “why does EVERYTHING NEVER work out for me?”) it’s time to slow down the momentum and the easiest way is to shift to what IS working.

Take a break and refocus on something positive. “I’m grateful for this opportunity and the lesson I’m learning through this difficult circumstance.”

Another way Gabby points out is if you’re feeling helpless, help someone else. Take an action to change the negativity. Change the current thought, and you can change your life.

Step 2:  Embrace THIS thought – It’s good to feel good.

You don’t HAVE to wallow in negativity just because others around you are. Or because you feel you should be. You can be respectfully happy and okay even when things around you are not.

Sometimes we are fearful of outcomes. I am. But, here’s a concept – you don’t have to walk around in fear just because you’re used to it and it’s your comfort zone. Fear does NOT protect us from being disappointed, hurt, feeling weak, or triggered. I get it, walking in faith is difficult. But, when fear knocks, you can let faith open the door. You have a choice. Your feelings are a choice. Fear robs you of your peace and your joy TODAY. Choose faith.

Step 3:  Take spiritually-aligned action.

There are three subconscious belief-myths Gabby tackles here.

Myth 1: The harder I push, the more I will receive.

I used to believe this. It’s how reporters, anchors and MMJs are wired to be. Constantly pushing forward, never resting, always hustling.

Truth:  The more I ALLOW, the more I will RECEIVE.

Here’s an uncomfortable question: where are you preventing yourself from receiving?

I lived this when I was working at a station in Connecticut. 

I was working so hard for a whole year, hustling, calling people trying to get a job in New York. I had set my goal and I was tracking every phone call that I made in a spreadsheet (I lived and died by that spreadsheet); pushing all day every day to get the job I wanted. At the end of that year, I got an email from another spiritual guru, Patricia Moreno. In the email, she asked me to inventory what goals I set out to achieve that year, and for the ones I didn’t reach, she asked what role did I play in not reaching my goals? 


It was then that I realized:  I didn’t believe that I could have it. That was the role I played in not getting to my goal. I didn’t allow myself to believe that the job I wanted was going to happen. 

I believed there were two groups of people – those who were worthy to work in New York and those who weren’t. I believed, deep down, that I was in the latter group. 

This needed to change. So I started visualizing myself with the job I wanted. I started seeing myself as being worthy of the job. When I changed my thoughts and started seeing myself as worthy, I GOT THE JOB, 5 months later.

Myth 2: The more I do, the more I’m worth. 

Truth: The better I feel, the more I allow. So, it is in my best interest to feel good. 

Myth 3: I need it but there’s not enough to go around. 

Truth:  There’s actually an infinite stream of wellbeing and opportunity. I can choose to align with it or not.

Step 4:  Follow the fun

Ask yourself how you want to feel. Let THAT be your goal. Let that be your measuring stick. 

When I was hustling and striving for that job in New York – all I could think about was my goal. What I SHOULD have been thinking about was doing what was fulfilling and meaningful. What was personally rewarding; not simply prestigious. What I wanted was to have a life where I helped people; like I am now.

Step 5:  Put out what you want to receive.

You are always responsible for how you be, how you show up in the world and in every room in which you walk. You choose how you react or respond to the world and your circumstance.

Gabby asks that we set a clear intention and focus on it for 17 seconds. That can change the vibration. What does that feel like?

Do you want to attract more negativity? Or do you want to attract positivity? When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 

I want to leave you with one final thought: the obstacle that is in your life is there to be your teacher. It is the way forward. You’re not going to come out on the other side a better person if you try to figure out a way around it. You need to climb it. Or figure out a way through. What if it isn’t simply an inconvenience or a massive stop sign; but an opportunity in disguise?

I would never wish this pandemic on anyone. And, it’s here. So, what are we going to do with our time? Are we going to use it intentionally? Or not? It’s our call.


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  • Good morning Debra, I have just been introduced to you and your eloquence, draw and knowledge for the first time as I watched your update for BBC News on the fallout of the shamefull violence in Washington. I wanted to thank you for not only the qualities I mentioned previously but the great insight offered in such a short time in your report, we may have a different culture over this side of the pond but I am glad that there are people like you giving the facts to the people in your independent and objective manner.

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