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My name is Debra Alfarone and I’m an expert at helping people overcome their limiting beliefs to become powerful on video so they can amplify their message, grow their audience and business, and make more money!

I’ve been writing and delivering breaking news on TV in major markets for more than a dozen years. I’ve won a Murrow and an Emmy and my reports can be seen on CBS stations across the country. And……I’m a former high school dropout. I had ZERO connections and even LESS confidence. If I can GTFO of my head to create my dream life, you can create anything. 

Who do I help? Business owners, side hustlers and anyone with a mission and a message – from pyschotherapists to real estate agents to beauty bar owners to experts, authors, influencers and coaches. I also coach TV reporters and anchors to become more confident on camera and navigate the TV News industry so they can have their best shot at their dream job and dream life.

I do this through coaching, courses, trainings and talks. Huge companies like BuzzFeed, American Express and Fiverr work with me to train, coach and inspire. Private companies hire me for media training. Conferences book me as their keynote speaker. I also work with regular people like you and me.

Psychotherapist Niro Feliciano worked with me to get press and increase her reach. She got booked on TV 4 times in 4 weeks right after we worked together.

Rasheeda Kabba
Rasheeda Kabba

Rasheeda Kabba GTFO’d of her own way to believe in herself and got her dream job as a weekend anchor in a top 50 TV market. Entrepreneur Helen McPherson worked with me to make great videos and killed it on Good Morning America. 

You may be thinking I don’t like how I look on camera or I don’t like how I sound or who am I to be posting video on social media  or go after my dream? I felt that way too. I know what it’s like to think my voice doesn’t matter. Along my journey, a couple of people I call “label-whisperers” showed me I could create a new label for myself and become it. Now, my greatest honor is to be an amplifier of voices. Of your voice. I can show you, step-by step through my Broadcast to Billions digital course series or through one-on-one coaching. You can do this. I’m proof. 

So, drop your email and get ready to have someone stand for your greatness one more time than you can stand for your smallness. And meet my rescue dog Murray. He knows you can do it too.

“You are the only you there is and ever will be. That’s your superpower.”