Paying It Forward

Storytelling Master Class: How to effectively tell a compelling story on deadline, how to “track” without sounding like you’re reading, how to take your storytelling up several  notches, win awards and impress news directors.

12038321_10207632259823725_3917685262207385472_nOn Camera Presentation: How to master range, emphasis, breath control and fine-tune your voice so you can deliver effectively, Top 10 market advice on hair/clothing/makeup, and tips for clear, concise and compelling storytelling.



Social Media and Online “Branding”:  How to tweet, post and market yourself online to establish your brand.

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“I consider it a true blessing I stumbled on Debra’s site when I was looking to take my storytelling to the next level. Debra is unlike any coach out there.  She can zero in on your strengths, identify areas of improvement and teach you to strengthen both at the same time. My writing is tighter, more conversational and authentic to the story. My live shots are active, enthusiastic and I’m constantly pushing to make them more engaging.

While I’m thrilled with the development of my skills, the growth in my confidence is what I’m most excited about. I thought confidence on-air and in the news business couldn’t be taught, it was something that develops over time. But I was wrong. Debra can teach and inspire confidence. My assistant news director even recently commented on my authoritative presence on air.” – Kasey Cunningham, Reporter/MMJ, WAVE 3 News

“After just two sessions with Debra – photographers, anchors, and my agent all told me that something had changed and they could see it in my liveshots and packages. She teaches you techniques you don’t even know you need. My tracking has improved tremendously, my liveshots include elements you see network reporters doing, and I have truly become the storyteller many reporters aspire to be.” – Femi Redwood, News 12 Connecticut

“When everyone in the market is on the same story, Debra will teach you how to be different. Her coaching combines creativity with the fundamentals of strong journalism. From live shots to writing style, Debra is one of the most innovative reporters in an ever-changing industry and will gladly pass on her passion to anyone looking to learn.” – Morning Anchor at a top 30 market

“Debra Alfarone has been an amazing mentor to me in the last year. She’s someone who knows how to overcome some of the tough realities of the TV business because she’s been through it all herself and she’s found great success.” – Natalie Micale, First News Nebraska

“Debra boosted my confidence and never let me doubt myself. She helped me get my first job in a top 50 market and has been a crucial mentor ever since. Even though I have left TV news, I will never forget the lessons Debra taught me: confidence, perseverance and believing in yourself.” – Jessica Mitchell, former morning reporter at Time Warner Cable News – Austin, TX