Debra Alfarone is a gifted, inspirational speaker whose personal story resonates with people. Debra bared her soul in her 2015 TEDxSBU Talk entitled, “The secret I held my whole life and how changing three words set me free.” She inspires audiences to think about the labels they wear, the words they use to describe themselves – and to select labels that embody what they want to become.

Debra has spoken for many groups including:

Dreams For Kids DC
Mentors Inc.
FAIR Girls
Changing Perceptions DC
National Down Syndrome Society

Debra also teams up with other like-minded do-gooders to put on inspirational events, like LIMITLESS 2017. LIMITLESS 2017 was held in January 2017, at Epic Yoga in Dupont Circle. A Fall 2017 date is in the works. Subscribe to this blog for updates. Event description below.

-How to bust through your blocks
-Create your own “labels”
-Channel your inner badass

What’s the story you’re telling the world about yourself? TV Anchor, Storyteller and TEDx speaker Debra Alfarone will share how you can change the labels you’ve let limit you, re-write your story, and live limitlessly. Her special guest is the woman at the center of an inspirational story seen and shared by millions online.

Then we’ll take those new labels, intentions and goals and dedicate and infuse our yoga practice with them in an hour-long Soul Vibe Yoga Flow with Alex Hall.

Let’s make 2017 the year of living limitlessly!

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