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How the #30DayBigAskChallenge Changed My Life

This week’s blog is written by my good friend Laura who’s a morning anchor in the midwest. Here’s the backstory: 

I recently issued all my followers a #30DayBigAskChallenge. I encouraged everyone to ask for something they wouldn’t normally ask for. Something big, and maybe they hadn’t asked previously because they were scared to.

I shared my improbable story of getting the opportunity to work at CBS News, years after I made one big ask. The year was ahem (cough) and I was watching 48 Hours and loooooooved it. I contacted the Executive Producer of the show at CBS News and asked if I could come in and learn more about working there. To my utter surprise, she invited me in. Now, that visit didn’t lead to a job……then. Fifteen years would pass before that Executive Producer was named the new head of CBS News. And then it came time for another big ask. That ask created what essentially was a dream opportunity.

So, when I shared that to my community (made up of mostly news reporters) it started to get people in action. Here’s Laura’s story.

“What goal are YOU stopping yourself from achieving?” 

One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned from Debra is we need to get out of our own way. 

Most of the opportunities I’ve missed out on are simply because I was afraid to ask for it. And if I did, I didn’t feel like I was ready or deserving. I would land job interviews in my dream TV market, but I would soon find myself playing small and doubting my talents and abilities. I ultimately took a promotion to a main anchor position at a station I’ve worked at for more than five years. It was the safe move to make. I have to admit, I felt a sense of failure signing my new contract. I know a lot of people would love to be in my shoes, but that’s my truth.

I have more gratitude than I do regret. Staying somewhere safe and familiar allowed me to grow as an anchor and a storyteller. It gave me time to study the markets and networks where I eventually want to be. In my heart I finally feel ready and deserving to be in my dream market. 

When Debra announced her #30DayBigAskChallenge, I knew I needed to do this. The best way to stop feeling stuck is to do something bold and out of your comfort zone. What better way than to have that kind of discipline for an entire month?

I held myself accountable by keeping a log of who and reached out to and what I asked them. Someone I interned for 10 years ago didn’t remember me, but I asked him to watch my reel. Then I asked him for a phone call. We talked for 20 minutes about my career goals, and he referred me to someone who has a job opening when my contract is up. 

The whole thing had a ripple effect. Of the 30 people I reached out to, 27 of them responded. A couple agents turned me down, but that just reminded me no one is going to fight harder for me than myself. 

I landed two interviews back in my dream market. And I learned my ideal job may be somewhere else. 

Asking for what you want will get you much further than if you don’t ask at all— which is nowhere. You are letting the Universe know you deserve big things. Don’t fear rejection. If it happens, it’s only because you’re meant for something better. 

I implore you to ask for everything you want in life. You are the dreamer of your dream, and you should go for it no matter what. 

What’s stopping you?


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