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How to Goal Set for 2021 Like a Pro!

Working at The Wing in D.C.

Every year in December, I start making a list of all of my accomplishments for the year. I just finished up. Want to hear it? 

It’s a long list, but I’ll just share one: 

I helped 16 authors, thought leaders, TV producers, TV hosts, podcast hosts, business owners, coaches, bloggers, personal trainers and yogis to be powerful on camera and share their passion with purpose. They did so on video, and on TV – some nationally. Wooohooooo! 

I have fulfilled on my mission to give people a voice. 

The way I chose to compile my list is to go through my iCloud calendar, make notes, and then categorize them. You can also go through your email, or the pictures on your phone – or any other app that might be helpful, like Hubspot or Facebook. Why do I take the time to do this? Here’s 3 ways I believe it can help. 


Now that I know what I accomplished, I can set a new goal for 2021. How many more clients can I help? Is there a way I can do it more effectively? Come up with a set package they can buy, or maybe a digital course? 

I can also check this against my 2020 goals. Did I set a goal to help more people? Less? How did I do? 

The reason why this part is so critical is because there’s an opportunity to take accountability. This helped me achieve my career goals when I was a local TV reporter in Connecticut. My amazing spiritual guru Patricia Moreno sent me an email one December asking me to look at my list of goals that year and see which ones I achieved and which ones I didn’t. I realized that, once again, my goal of becoming a reporter in NYC sat unrealized. In the next paragraph, Patricia asked “what role did YOU play in not getting to your goal?” I remember my jaw fell. What role did I play? Hell, I did everything I could, I emailed people, asked for connections, went on interviews. What more could I have done? As I kept reading, it dawned on me, the one thing I could’ve done was believe it was available for me.

I went on those interviews as if just getting an interview was the lucky break. I didn’t really believe I deserved to work there. I didn’t really think a reporter job in NYC was available to me. That December, I changed my thinking and started believing I was worthy of that job and – 5 months later, I was reporting full-time in NYC. 


When do we ever take time to celebrate ourselves and our accomplishments? Even when we get a new job, we go out to dinner or raise a glass and feel great about it FOR ONE NIGHT. Ok, maybe for two or three days. And then we start worrying about doing the job. Or we start the job and no longer feel joy and gratitude about it. How about celebrating ALL the things you did in 2019 that were freaking awesome? 

In 2020, in no particular order, I launched The Membership, a super-successful and affordable program to help news reporters be confident on camera and in life. It has grown and has seen more than a dozen people jump markets to get great new jobs. I also created two online courses for anyone who wants to be great on camera and get booked as an expert on TV. I moved into a house (for the first time!) and survived a pandemic. I also reported on a divisive election.

In 2019, in no particular order, I got a great new gig freelance reporting at CBS Newspath, I won an Emmy (my first one), I went camping in a tent for the first time and survived a spider attack (ok, it didn’t attack, it just had the nerve to set up shop inside our tent), I met Demi Moore, and went to NY Fashion Week. Go me! Your turn! 


I promise you that you don’t even remember all the cool stuff you’ve done, and the people whose lives you’ve changed. I actually forgot about a few clients I helped who I can now reach out to and ask to help again. Then there’s the testimonials I can ask for. And then there’s just the opportunity to thank people who’ve chosen to spend their hard-earned cash to work with you. That’s some life-changing content right there. Put it on your website, Put it on your social. Share with abandon! 

I promise you that taking inventory of your successes and accomplishments is super valuable. Your mindset is everything. Nurture it. And, also as valuable is asking the question – what role did I play in not getting to my goals. Let me know how this blog post served you – I’d love to hear what YOU accomplished in 2020! 


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