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How the #30DayBigAskChallenge Changed My Life

This week's blog is written by my good friend Laura who's a morning anchor in the midwest. Here's the backstory: ...
Working at The Wing in D.C.
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How to Goal Set for 2021 Like a Pro!

Every year in December, I start making a list of all of my accomplishments for the year. I just finished...
At Mel Robbins daytime talk show

Two simple tips that can increase happiness this year

You want a big life. You have big dreams. You have a lofty goal. You want to do some awesome...
Leucadia Farmer's Market
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Why time off is effing essential

Let’s get something straight. I work a lot. I always have. And, odds are, I always will. It all stems...

If you’ve got 48 hours in Asheville, here’s what to do

We ate our way around Asheville and enjoyed the hell out of it. Go. And go hungry.


Here’s why you need to start making videos NOW – how to DIY and still look super professional

It’s a fact. Companies that use video in their marketing convert more leads into customers. Video packs a powerful punch...

The surefire way to turn a NO into a YES

We’ve all had those days. I have applied to hundreds of jobs on TV, and even though you may think…


THIS is why you didn’t get the job

It’s not easy. And even that’s an understatement. In what other industry are you expected  to be able to DO…


What to say to the gossipy coworker once and for all

Oh $#!@, here comes Andrea/Tisha/Jose/Courtney/Mike (insert name of negative coworker here)!” This was a thought I had anywhere from about...