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Finding Belonging: Award-winning CBS News’ Michelle Miller on the secret she hid most of her life

Award-winning CBS News Correspondent and co-host of CBS Saturday Morning, Michelle Miller, struggled to find belonging for many years.  After…

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She got married in the NY Times, and divorced in the NY Post – NYC TV Anchor and Author Tamsen Fadal is unlocking her bold

Tamsen Fadal is an Emmy award-winning TV Anchor at PIX 11 in NYC, an Author, and a Midlife Enthusiast. She's...
CBS News Anchor Jericka Duncan
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The secret CBS News Anchor Jericka Duncan hid in her 20s  (SIWIKIMT)

CBS News Anchor Jericka Duncan talks with Debra and shares the secret she held onto in her twenties as her...

How the #30DayBigAskChallenge Changed My Life

This week's blog is written by my good friend Laura who's a morning anchor in the midwest. Here's the backstory: ...