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Beyonce has people for that – here’s what YOU have

No, you don't have to DO more. You may have heard the bullsh*tastic quote, “Beyonce has just as many hours...

5 Steps To Help Manifest a Positive Pandemic Life

Life 2.0. That’s what I’m calling this time in our new pandemic world. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been...
Working at The Wing in D.C.
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How to Goal Set for 2021 Like a Pro!

Every year in December, I start making a list of all of my accomplishments for the year. I just finished...
At Mel Robbins daytime talk show

Two simple tips that can increase happiness in your life in 2020

You want a big life. You have big dreams. You have a lofty goal. You want to do some awesome...

The Art of Waiting by Kristen Farlow

I came across this blog post years ago. I saved it. The original link doesn't exist anymore. If you know...

How to land your dream TV Reporting Job (or any job!)

I talk to a lot of news reporters, anchors and MMJs. A lot of you are looking for the next...
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How to ace a live shot even when you’re nervous as hell

Why do live shots have the ability to totally send us into panic? The nerves start a few minutes before,...

If you’ve got 48 hours in Asheville, here’s what to do

We ate our way around Asheville and enjoyed the hell out of it. Go. And go hungry.