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If you’re thinking about making a big life change, award-winning author & podcaster Jenny Blake has THE best advice I’ve ever heard

Jenny Blake is a podcaster and the author of three award-winning books, including Pivot (2016) and Free Time (2022), with...
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Social Entrepreneur Alice Chun is “Gutsy” and part of Hillary & Chelsea Clinton’s new Apple TV+ series

Alice Chun is a social entrepreneur, professor, humanitarian, and award-winning inventor featured in Hilary and Chelsea Clinton’s new Apple TV+...
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CBS Mornings Lead National Correspondent David Begnaud says being “too much” is OK

David Begnaud is the lead national correspondent for "CBS Mornings" based in New York. He joined the Network in 2015...
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Podcast queen Femi Redwood is unapologetically her…but she wasn’t always. How 90s icons DaBrat, Cam’ron and Ashlee Simpson helped shape her.

Femi Redwood is the Podcast Manager at 1010WINS in NYC and the Host of the Beyond Black History Month podcast, Co-chair of...
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She got married in the NY Times, and divorced in the NY Post – NYC TV Anchor and Author Tamsen Fadal is unlocking her bold

Tamsen Fadal is an Emmy award-winning TV Anchor at PIX 11 in NYC, an Author, and a Midlife Enthusiast. She's...
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CBS Sports’ James Brown shares the day a teacher dashed his dreams & talks NFL diversity

James Brown is the current host of “The NFL Today” on CBS and "Inside The NFL" on Showtime. A three-time...
CBS News Anchor Jericka Duncan
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The secret CBS News Anchor Jericka Duncan hid in her 20s  (SIWIKIMT)

CBS News Anchor Jericka Duncan talks with Debra and shares the secret she held onto in her twenties as her...
Amanda Hanson
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Single? This Midlife Muse says the odds for finding love are actually in your favor (SIWIKIMT)

Single? This Midlife Muse says the odds for finding love are actually in your favor Amanda Hanson is a clinical...