Real Talk Coaching

Reporters/Anchors/MMJs: Wish you had a fairy news godmother? Someone who’s been through what you’re going through? A ‘big sister’ who’s working in the business, who can answer your questions and help you navigate?


You only have one shot to make a first impression. 

Have your reel critiqued and optimized by a mentor with #1 market experience, and a proven track record of creating reels that help make “money moves.”

Determine what you need to catch News Directors’ attention and learn what distracts. 

Determine which areas you need to work on (voice, presentation, writing, etc.) and get a detailed roadmap towards hitting those goals. Then, schedule check-ins to monitor and tweak your progress. 

Get customized career advice that’s right for you – from how to negotiate and navigate issues with your current workplace to the best way to network, apply and follow-up on new opportunities.

Debra’s clients have jumped from Madison to Miami, from weekend anchor to morning anchor, and many have jumped 30, 70, 80 and even 100 markets.

Here’s the thing: Debra is a working journalist. She shoots, writes, edits, reports, anchors and does live shots. She also anchors unscripted breaking news for hours on end. She’s not just talking the talk, she’s walking the walk every day. She knows what you’re going through, what lies ahead, what’s possible, what the challenges are, and she’s a stand for your greatness and achievement.

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Once a month, Debra holds a videoconference call to dig deep on a topic – from “3 quick & dirty tips to make your writing stand out” – to “The 1 thing that’ll get a News Director to look at your reel” and answer questions LIVE on the call. This is the place to learn valuable, inside-baseball advice in one hour AND get your specific questions answered.

Cost: TBD/call (*all coaching clients are invited to calls at no charge)

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Not a journalist, but want to appear more confident on camera, & make the most effective videos you can to get your message out there? 

Debra can help you too. She’s trained CEOs and business owners how to give a top-notch camera-ready performance, based on her years of delivering news in front of the camera. She can also offer you easy-to-use, actionable tips on how to up the production level of your videos, to transform them into the most professional, impactful and compelling they can be.

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