“She helped me find the confidence I always struggled to find”


screengrab from Swagger seminar
Don’t take it from me, take it from my coaching clients:

“There is no one I’d rather have in my corner more than Debra Alfarone. In a business that can be complicated to navigate, she consistently challenges me to not only better my craft, but myself. With Debra’s help, I jumped 101 television markets after just nine months in the business. I consider her one of my best mentors, a confidante, and friend. You can’t afford not to work with Debra!”

-Elizabeth Lane (jumped 101 markets)


“Since connecting with Debra, I’ve grown both professionally and personally. She has used her expertise to coach, critique and mentor me within the last year. I credit her advice for helping me make a leap to a much larger market in the last few months. Debra is down to earth, honest and truly understands what is required for TV journalists to succeed in this business.”

 – Emma Hogg (jumped 80 markets)


“With Debra’s mentoring and coaching, she helped me drastically improve my anchoring and reporting. She helped me find the confidence I always struggled to find. With her guidance, I was able to put together a reel that stands out, catching the attention of news directors in large markets. Working with her has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made to advance my career. I admire her authenticity, positivity and am forever grateful for her invaluable advice.”

-Laura Simon, Anchor  (moved from weekend anchor to weekday anchor)


“I reached out to Debra Alfarone through the recommendation of a friend of mine in the business. I had very specific career goals to make it back to my hometown market and while I knew I had what it takes, I needed help showing that to potential employers. Debra gave me her undivided attention; getting to know me and my goals on a personal level through phone, email and FaceTime conversations, she broke down my website, my resume reel and even offered suggestions for makeup and clothing. She took the time to learn what makes me special and then showed me specific methods for highlighting those assets through my work. I saw a direct change in my confidence and my product after working with Debra and best of all, I landed a position at my dream station in my hometown.”

– Molly Brewer (jumped 30 markets)


“Turning to Debra for coaching is the best decision I’ve made in my 4 year long career in TV news. It’s thanks to her that I’m now working in one of the best news markets in the country. I sought a talent coach about a year ago when I was working in a mid market and watched all of my coworkers get amazing promotions while I found my own career to be stagnating. I was unmotivated and unimpressed by my own work. After one conversation with Debra, I was confident she could give me the guidance I needed to get a career boost. My goal at the time was to be promoted within my station. After a few sessions with Debra, I noticed not only improvement in my on-air presence and storytelling, but I felt more confident in my future and in my potential. That same year, two of my news stories were nominated for Emmy awards and I won a state award for excellence in live reporting. Debra helped me realize my dreams were bigger than the mid-size city I was working in. She gave me advice on my next steps and I found myself with an offer from a top 20 market. I made a 65 market jump! I still turn to Debra for guidance and am continuing to grow and thrive in this industry.”

-Reporter in a top 20 market