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The one thing you need to know to do LESS and achieve MORE

Debra Alfarone reporting at the U.S. Capitol

You may be one of those Type A people who, like me, get more done in a day than some do in a week. (And feel pretty smug about it.)

You may keep a To Do list, and enjoy that satisfying feeling that comes from crossing things off.

You may be the kind of person who outworks your peers, and works late every night

But – NEWSFLASH – you’ll actually achieve MORE if you couple all that DOING with BEING your end goal.

Let me break that down.

Sometimes, when we’re doing all the things, we’re actually BEING someone who believes in lack, rather than abundance. Why else would we be churning and burning and working and laboring? We may be being Someone who believes life is tough, and you have to outwork everyone else to get where you want to go.

I believe if you act like you KNOW you’re going to achieve the outcome, or even better, that you’ve ALREADY have achieved it, you can land at the goal quicker.

Here’s why – imagine if you were to show up to every task and every day AS that person now who’s already achieved the goal, you’ll arrive without all the things that are currently weighing you down – the worry, doubt, and stress. Those things are like pebbles, tripping you up, on the path towards achieving your goal.

I have to continually remind myself of the importance of BEING, in addition to the importance of DOING.

To be clear I’m NOT saying, don’t DO anything. What I AM saying is – take a breather. Examine how you FEEL while you’re doing all that doing. What are your beliefs about the doing?

If you’re a news reporter, are you constantly updating your reel? Upon reflection, are you doing it because you’re constantly unsatisfied with your work, and don’t feel like you’re “enough?”

I know that’s how I’ve felt at times.

Now, iIagine if you were BEING someone who was enough. Someone who KNEW he or she would absolutely 100% be working at network one day. Someone who shows up as that Network Correspondent NOW. Every. Day.

How would you show up if you were BEING that Network Correspondent now? What would you wear? What stories would you pitch? Would you have tons of great stories and standups to choose from for your reel? What meetings would you ask for? How would you stand and carry yourself? Would you get to work on time? Would you meal prep? How would you show up on social media?

I truly believe that when we combine the BEING with the DOING, we can be unstoppable. I hope this serves you.


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